The Bridge Between Fear And Faith Is Knowledge

The Bridge Between Fear And Faith Is Knowledge

The bridge between fear and faith is knowledge and so we teach people about this at our center. We remind them about this and people typically say, oh yeah, makes sense.

Once we raise a person’s awareness, we focus on three phases. The first phase educates them on how to go about living their life where cancer is no longer being produced by the body.

The second phase has to do with healing modalities that target the cancer and challenge it metabolically. These therapies are the opposite of conventional medicine which is militarized where what we do is more metabolic in nature. There is no war waged in regards to the tumor where the body and immune system suffer the consequences.

The third phase where we share the knowledge is in regards to the mind, body and spirit. Our culture today uses the words; mind, body and spirit independently leading one to believe these things are not connected. This could not be further from the truth as they are all one and work together.

As an example, where does the mind stop and the spirit begin? These can’t be compartmentalized as they are all a part of you and work in harmony.

Our program works with the spiritual, physical, and psychological. The reason for this is because we are adjusting on all levels simultaneously. People don’t only adjust biomechanically or biochemically, we adjust with everything.